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From airtight wraps to shelf stable bottles and containers, plastic packaging plays a key role in delivering a safe food supply, from farm to table and is a material of choice for freezing foods for longer term storage. Plastics have also driven innovations in packaging design- modified atmosphere packaging helps preserve food freshness by capturing a reduced-oxygen air mixture in a plastic package. This technique can extend a product's shelf life by slowing the growth of bacteria. The Plastics Applications in Food & Beverage Packaging Summit 2018 is the ideal conference for learning about new trends and seeking innovations in categories such as additives, masterbatches, UV stabilizers, PE & PP; latest processing technology; injection moulding, thermoforming, film extrusion, auxiliary equipment, automation, 4.0 and Internet of Things connectivity applications in production lines.

从密封包装到货架稳定的瓶子和容器,塑料包装在提供从农场到餐桌的安全食品供应方面发挥着关键作用,并且是用于冷冻食品以供长期储存的首选材料。 塑料也推动了包装设计的创新 - 气体包装通过在塑料包装中低氧气混合物来帮助保持食品新鲜度。 这种技术可以通过减缓细菌的生长来延长产品的保质期。 2018 年食品和饮料包装领域的塑料应用是理解新趋势和寻求添加剂,色母粒,紫外线稳定剂,PE & PP 等领域创新的理想会议;最新的加工技术; 注塑成型,热成型,薄膜挤出,辅助设备,自动化,4.0和生产线上的物联网连接应用。

Innovation, Adaptation, Application


The conference will focus on latest innovations and developments in engineered plastics, film and sheet extrusion; injection moulding; compression moulding; extrusion blow moulding; net and twine extrusion; woven sack extrusion and weaving; sheet thermoforming, printing, lamination, slitting and bag forming; and recycling, shelf life extension and food preservation, biodegradable food packaging, additives, masterbatches, PE, PP & PET and other innovative packaging materials, role of smart manufacturing & connectivity in increasing profitability and cutting costs.

会议将重点关注工程塑料,薄膜和片材挤出领域的最新创新和发展; 注塑成型; 压缩成型; 挤出吹塑成型; 网和缠绕式模挤压; 编织袋挤出和编织; 片材热成型,印刷,层压,分切和制袋; 回收利用,保质期延长和食品保鲜,可生物降解的食品包装,添加剂,色母粒,PE,PP & PET 等创新包装材料,智能制造和连通性在提高盈利能力和降低成本方面的作用。


打开29 亿美元的市场商机

Food & beverage industry is one of the biggest contributors to the Philippine economy, making up about half of its manufacturing sector and contributing 24% of the country's GDP. The Philippines is one of Asia's largest producers of food, with the value of food processing sector exceeding a staggering US$29 billion. With 10% annual growth, the country's F&B industry is the second fastest growing in ASEAN and there are 12,000 food processing establishments nationwide. Functional bottled water recorded triple-digit growth in both retail volume and current value terms in 2017 and local PE prices are stable at multi-year highs. The packaging units to be consumed in Philippines is projected to reach 65.8 billion in 2018.

食品饮料行业是菲律宾最大的产业之一,在GDP 上贡献了24%,同时占了制造业一半的产值。菲律宾是亚洲最大的食品生产国,该行业的价值已

超过290 亿美元。菲律宾政府十分注重下游产业的自主性及适应性,希望可以藉此满足内需与出口需求,因而造就了食品饮料行业在新的科技与材料上旺盛的需求。探索菲律宾食品饮料产业:年成长10%,菲律宾的食品饮料业是东协成长

第二快的国家,全国有约12000 间的食品加工厂,是塑料材料需求的主要来源。2017 年功能性瓶装水以三位数的产能成长,且当地的PE 即使在原物料价格高涨的几年中依然保持稳定的价格。预测数据表示。2018 年菲律宾包装材料数的需求将会达658 亿件。

Join over 200 delegates and 20 manufacturing professionals and expert speakers. Learn about latest packaging technologies and how to apply newest production techniques to increase your profitability. Network with industry professionals like you and explore business opportunities.

加入200 多位代表和20 位产业界专业人士和专家演讲。 了解最新的包装技术以及如何应用最新的生产技术来提高您的盈利能力。 与像您这样的行业专业人士建立联系并探索商机。


Opening remarks by President of Ringier Events - Mr Mike Hay
Undersecretary Dr Rowena Cristina Guevara - "DOST’s Packaging Research Initiatives and Technological Innovations" - from the Department of Science and Technology - Packaging Technology Division
Mr Joey Roi Bondoc - Research Manager at Colliers Internationa - "Food & Beverage Packaging Investment Trends"
Coffee/Tea Break at exhibition area
"New Trends and Developments in Extrusion Blow Molding" - Simon Tam - General Menager - Akei Holdings Company Ltd.
Joseph Ross S Jocson - President of Packaging Institute of Philippines - "Philippine packaging industry updates and sustainable packaging"
Group Photo
LABTHINK - Joe Shek - Sales Manager "Quality control solution of food & beverage packaging"
IPF - Dynapack Asia - "Rigid Plastic Packaging - innovations in moulding approach"
PAFT - Dr. Lotis Francisco (Ms), President of the Philippine Association of Food Technologists, Inc. - "Plastic Packaging affects the Senses"
Coffee/Tea Break at exhibition area
EVERLON - Vincent Liao, Sales Director: "The applications of multilayer film on pharmaceutical & food grades packaging fields."
Dr Elaine Borazon - Universitet of Philippines Diliman - "Product packaging: positioning and consumer perceptions"
IBM Blockchain Philippinies - Lope A. Doromal Jr. -Chief Technologist - IBM Innovation Network - "Transforming the Global Food Supply Chain with IBM Food Trust"
LK Machinery - David Fung - Director "Innovative Machinery for molding of Plastic Packging in F&B"
Cocktail Party
"Sustainability Value of Packaging is in the Eye of the Designer, Manufacturer and User." - Ms. Elsie M. David, Assistant Vice President, JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation - Association of Petrochemicals Manufacturers of Philippines
FIA - Steven Bartholomeusz - Policy Director "A data-driven, country-specific & tailored approach to effectively manage plastic & packaging waste"
Coffee/tea break at exhibition area
From Primepack Technologies - "Innovative thermoforming technqiues and materials"
Mr Crispian Lao - "Achieving a CIrcular Economy Through Recycling" - Founding President of Philippine Alliance for Recycling and Material Sustainability (PARMS)
Dr Leslie Joy Diaz - Universitet of Philippines Diliman "Bioplastic for Food Packaging: Disruptive Innovation"
D & L Polymer & Colours, Inc. - Noli Jimenez - Consultant “Biomaterials: Advancements in composting and recycling”,
Philippine Chamber of Food Manufacturers Inc. Topic: TBA
Topic: Packaging Automation Solutions
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