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Internal combustion engine is one of the most important power inventions in the history of human beings. It is the most efficient and widely used power machinery nowadays. It is widely used in automobile and non-road mobile machinery and other fields. The internal combustion engine industry keeps up with the development and matching needs of downstream automobile and non-road mobile machinery industries, constantly adapts to the development trend of small size, light weight and high power, speeds up the speed of product renewal and new technology application, the industry develops rapidly, and the product structure is constantly optimized.

Facing the increasingly severe energy crisis and environmental protection problems, all countries in the world have formulated strict regulations on pollutant emission and fuel consumption rate, which urge engine manufacturers and parts suppliers to continuously improve their technology and develop in the direction of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. The 13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of China's Internal Combustion Engine Industry has put forward higher power requirements for heavy and light diesel engines, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, ships and other internal combustion engine products. Reducing fuel consumption and improving fuel economy have become one of the most important technical development directions of internal combustion engines.

The Eleventh China International Summit on Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Internal Combustion Engines will be held in Wuxi, an industrial smart city, on September 6. This conference gathers international and domestic first-line internal combustion engine core manufacturing enterprises and related parts manufacturing enterprises to discuss the cutting-edge manufacturing technology of China's internal combustion engine industry and energy saving and emission reduction strategies, so as to help you understand the latest information of the industry at the same time. Exchange and interact with the top experts in the industry, and conspire with new measures for the reform of the internal combustion engine industry!



Hot topics

- Development status and trend of internal combustion engine industry

-Trends in Energy Saving, Emission Reduction and Post-treatment Technology of Engines

-Latest Development of Engine Cold Test Technology

- Engine Intelligent Manufacturing Technology

-Advanced Manufacturing Equipment Powered Engine and Its Components for High Efficiency Manufacturing

-Application of On-line Detection and Measurement Technology in Engine Manufacturing

-TRAXON Modular Automatic Transmission for Hybrid Power Systems

- Power assembly innovation: transmission and hybrid

-Advanced Engine Thermal Management System Helps Vehicle Performance

-Research and Application of Cylinder Liner Technology for Passenger Vehicle Engine

-Control Problems and Challenges for High Performance

Why join

- 50000 + Relevant Database Precision Push Conference Information

- 200 + Professional audience peer-to-peer real-time invitation

- 20 + Industry Experts Share Splendidly on the Spot

- Face-to-face communication among core user groups

Round table discussion to explore new opportunities in the industry

Who will attend?

- Gasoline engines, diesel engines (for cars, commercial vehicles, buses, motorcycles, railway locomotives, ships)

- Engines using compressed natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other alternative fuels

- Hybrid Engine, New Energy Power

- Internal combustion engine components, accessories, control systems, instruments and fuel cells

- New Technology Providers for Internal Combustion Engines

Internal Combustion Engine Manufacturing Technology and Specialized Equipment Manufacturer

- Metalworking and Testing Equipment Manufacturer

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