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With the development of laser technology, laser plays an increasingly essential role in the fields of communication, automotive, aerospace, military, scientific research, supporting more for the industry. With its special features of machining characteristics, laser has been and is continuing to replace some traditional metalworking ways, and will bring more innovative technologies and application solutions.

Intelligent manufacturing has become the main theme in the development of current industry, meanwhile, the application of laser is gradually moving toward the direction of high power, faster speed and intelligence. On one hand, on account for laser welding is of the benefit that high weld strength, fast welding speed and narrow weld seam, accompanying with the good surface condition, elimination of the need for post-weld cleaning work, and relatively beautiful welding appearance, which made it become a focusing topic in automobile industry. On the other hand, the rapid development of precision processing market, such as 3C and power batteries, lead a critical request on precision processing, thus, not only opportunities but also challenges are brought for laser precision processing.

In order to promote the development of laser processing technology and related industries to the "Made in China 2025" strategy, Ringier Trade Media will hold the 2019 Global Laser Processing Technology Summit in Shanghai from July 17-18. With the topic that the development direction of laser processing and intelligent manufacturing technology, laser processing in automotive, aerospace, rail transit and other fields, what's more, latest topics such as, laser precision processing technology applications in consumer electronics and semiconductor, additive manufacturing are also waiting for you. We will invite experts and core user companies to our conference, together we could share the information for new technologies, new products, new processes.



Shuxu Hu

Director of Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd

Jun Wang

Sales Manager at II-VI

Huan Qi

Chairman/general manager at Nanjing Huirui Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanglu Yang

Senior Researcher at Shanghai Institute of Optical Precision Machinery, Chinese Academy of Sciences/General Motors Chinese Academy of Sciences

Kai Zhao

Director of Laser Processing Laboratory at Shanghai Aerospace Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Hao Jin

Vehicle Body Equipment Engineer at Shanghai Automobile Group Co., Ltd.

Marco Chen

Account Manager at II-VI Infrared Laser (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Scott Li

General Manager at Shanghai Empower Technologies Co., Ltd.

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Hot Topics

-Innovation and application prospects of laser technology in China

- Future Factory of Industry 4.0 - Laser Intelligent Digital Workshop

- How to improve the efficiency and quality of body welding

-Difficulties and breakthroughs in laser welding

-Application of remote laser welding technology in automobiles

-New progress and new developments in laser additive manufacturing technology

-Laser robot and smart repair remanufacturing

-Application of laser technology in aerospace

-Innovative application research of femtosecond laser

- Laser welding solutions for batteries, mobile phone frames and functional components

- Laser cutting in the 3C industry's process difficulties and breakthroughs

-The advantages of laser drilling and cutting on PCB

-New application and new technology of laser marking technology in 3C industry

- Analysis of the main points of laser fine etching technology

- Analysis of laser precision processing methods on materials such as organic polymers

-LDS laser direct molding technology use

Who will attend:


-Laser component manufacturer

- laser manufacturer

-Laser equipment manufacturer

-Laser System Integrator

-Automation systems and equipment manufacturers

End user

-Automotive, power battery manufacturer

- 3C product manufacturers such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.

-Automotive electronics, AGV, logistics robots

-Integrated circuit manufacturers of integrated circuits, sensors, optoelectronics, etc.

-Aerospace, defense and military manufacturers


-Institutions, research institutes, industry associations

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Grand Mercure Shanghai Hongqiao(No. 369, Xianxia Road, Changning District, Shanghai)
Shanghai, China


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