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With the continuous improvement and promotion of national policies, the development of new energy automobile industry tends to be market-oriented and standardized. Research shows that the global electric vehicle market is expected to reach $271.67 billion in 2019. Since the subsidy of China's new policy, new energy vehicles have developed toward high cruising range and high energy density. The implementation of the New Deal will gradually divide the industry of new energy vehicles, and the era of the industry of the survival of the fittest will accelerate or accelerate. Therefore, how to improve the market share of new energy vehicles, solve the technical problems of the development of new energy vehicles, enhance the public's acceptance of new energy vehicles, and optimize the business model of the new energy vehicle industry is the concern of many new energy auto companies. problem. The conference will provide constructive and creative discussions on forward-looking technologies in the field of new energy vehicles such as national policies, market trends, power batteries, EV motors, and automotive control systems.

In order to further promote the high-level and intelligent development of new energy vehicles and the entire industrial chain, Shanghai Songjiang District Government and Ringier Trade Media Limited will co-host "The 2nd New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Summit 2019" in Shanghai on October 24-25. We look forward to meeting you in Shanghai and sharing the new energy automotive industry event!

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Hot Topics

  • The impact of the implementation of the "double points policy" on the Chinese automotive industry
  • The impact of new energy vehicle subsidy policies on the market
  • Analysis on the Commercial Application Prospect of Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging Technology
  • The new power of the Internet to create a new, electric, intelligent, lightweight layout
  • Power battery energy density and performance improvement technology route
  • Power Battery PACK System Design and BMS Performance Optimization Technology
  • Electric vehicle battery pack lightweight solution (extrusion aluminum alloy, high pressure cast aluminum alloy, steel plate, carbon fiber composite material, SMC, LFT-D, GMT and long glass fiber injection molding composite materials, etc.)
  • Whole plant automation solutions help battery smart manufacturing
  • Power Battery Module & Pack Intelligent Production Process and Assembly
  • Research on the influencing factors and new technologies of power battery cycle life
  • Application of laser welding technology in power battery production
  • Solution and Discussion on the Safety Engineering of Thermal Out of Control and Thermal Diffusion of Power Battery
  • High power density, high performance motor status and key technologies for electric vehicles
  • Development of high-density EV motor technology and its application in advanced magnetic materials
  • Discussion on the influence of electric vehicle drive motor control system and control method on motor performance
  • Current Status and Orientation of Automotive Motorized Drive Motor and Electric Drive System Technology
  • Development trend and application of SiC module for electronically controlled key materials
  • High-strength, low-density new materials help lighten new energy vehicles
  • Application prospects of functional coatings in the new energy automotive industry


-  The main forum focused on the latest policy trends in the automotive industry and battery, motor, electronic control and material processing technology

15 + Theme Sharing: Leading Technology Research and Development of Vehicle and Three Electric Manufacturing Enterprises, High Level Speech on Strategic Planning

- 500 + OEM of Automobile & Parts Supplier Participation

- 10 + Innovative Products - Technology Show, Leading you to Understand the Frontier Technology of the Industry

Who Will Attend

-  Leaders or experts of government departments and trade associations

-  Head of Material, Product Design, Process, Project Management, Quality and Purchasing of Automobile Factory and Parts Enterprise

-  Battery System Integrator, PACK Enterprise, Core Enterprise, BMS Enterprise, Thermal Management System Integrator, Thermal Management Material Supplier and Battery Material Supplier

-  Electric machinery suppliers

-  Supplier of Raw Materials for Automotive Steel, Carbon Fiber and Composite Materials, Aluminum Alloy, Magnesium Alloy and Plastics

-  Automobile Design Company, Software Enterprise, Equipment, Mold and Material Connection Technology Enterprise

-  Power Battery Related Inspection Institutions

-  Experts from institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes

Previous Speakers

Ding Wenjiang

Academician at Chinese Academy of Engineering

David Jin

Vice President at AIWAYS Co., Ltd.

Ivan Sun

Senior Marketing Manager at BorgWarner

Baojian Cao

Director of BAK Battery

Hui Sun

Development Director of United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd.

Xi Zhang

Professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University

Junwu Wang

Technical Director of Powertrain Assembly Division at Comau

Hongfu Tian

Senior Manager at China Faw Group Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai, China

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