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China is fast becoming the largest market in terms of cosmetics and especially skin care of the world. The scale of China's medical and beauty market has reached 176 billion yuan in 2017. By 2020, the annual growth rate will remain above 40%.

The China FDA issued a statement in Jan 2019 clarifying that it is illegal for any cosmetic product in China to claim or promote the concept of "cosmeceutical." Under this circumstance, some companies are promoting new concepts like "medical skin care", "precision skin care", "dermocosmetics",etc. Many dermatologists involved in cosmetic research, have, to some extent, acknowledged that the cosmetics industry has a close intersection with medicine and pharmacy. Meanwhile consumer is paying more attention to the effectiveness of skin care products. In the face of supervision, what should the brands do? How to develop their product and promotion?

Under this background, Ringier's Happi China magazine will organizeSkin Health Management & Medical Aesthetics Seminar 2019on September 11th in Shanghai, China. Top experts in cosmetic brands and hopitals will share their latest research and clinical experience in the field of skin heath andMedical Aesthetics. This provides the best opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange within cosmetics brands, OEMs, hospitals, beauty salons and vendors. We endeavor bring you the most frontier information, biggest networking platform, best opportunity to achieving cooperation in the medical and beauty industry.

—Skin Care at the Frontier of Medicine!

Product Innovation, Clinic Experience, Technical Analysis

Ringier’s 2019 Plan for personal Care Industry

Hot Topics

-Current status of domestic and overseas regulatory system and claims of cosmeceutical, what the industry player can do about it?

-Cosmeceutical quality, safety and compliance certification

- The current market analysis of the cosmeceutical market and product system case studys

- Cutting-edge product technology for non-invasive, non-infectious, hormone-free, painless, natural light, medical beauty

- Customized medical beauty and anti-aging skin care

- Bio-genetic engineering-based biocosmetic

- Skin care effects of growth factor cosmeceuticals: anti-wrinkle, elasticity, repair, moisturizing, nutrition

- Effect of stem cells and their derived factors on skin repair and regeneration of injured or aging and its mechanism

- Damaged skin repair and reconstruction protection barriers such as "sensitive skin" and "vulnerable skin"

- Innovation formulation development for acne and dermatitis treatment

- Reparative product formula and doctor's advice for hormone face and injection, micro-tuning and damaged skin

-Chinese medicine beauty anti-aging: anti-fatigue, anti-virus, inhibit cancer cell growth, anti-aging, etc.

-Chinese herbal medicine anti-aging beauty cosmetics research and development prospects: deep moisturizing, free radical scavenging, nutritional supplementation, anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidation

-Autologous fat stem cell transplantation

-Minimally invasive beauty: filler, botulinum toxin facial rejuvenation injection skills

-Laser, RF, injection filling, biotechnology, chemical stripping applications



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