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Intelligent manufacturing refers to the deep integration of the new generation of information and communication technology and advanced manufacturing technology. It runs through all aspects of manufacturing activities such as design, production, management and service. It has new production methods such as perception, learning, decision-making, execution and adaptation. As one of the main driving forces of China's manufacturing industry, the intelligent manufacturing industry is prosperous and the industry will continue to grow steadily. The position played by China's manufacturing industry will become more and more important.

At present, the application rate of industrial robots in China is gradually saturated in the fields of high maturity such as automobile manufacturing and electronic product manufacturing. With the endogenous demand and power of enterprise digitalization, network and intelligent transformation, intelligent manufacturing will gradually penetrate into traditional fields such as metallurgy, petrochemical, textile and engineering machinery, and the development of intelligent manufacturing will continue to heat up.

In the context of national policy promotion and technological transformation and upgrading of manufacturing technology, Ringier Industrial Media held the 2019 Efficient Processing Technology Forum (Shanghai Station), focusing on advanced intelligent manufacturing technology and efficient metal processing technology to bring upgrades and changes to traditional manufacturing. The new opportunity for China to make 2025!


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市场及销售支持经理 at 乔治费歇尔精密机床(上海)有限公司


机加工能力中心经理 at 利美特金属加工技术(中国)有限公司


应用方案经理 at 雄克精密机械贸易(上海)有限公司


技术总监 at 约翰内斯•海德汉博士(中国)有限公司


协理 at 上汽大众汽车有限公司


高级工程怖 at 上悔机床工具集团有限公司


资深技术支持工程师 at 蔡司中国


华北区大区经理 at 优傲机器人贸易(上海)有限公司

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Hot topics

Intelligent Machine Tool and Its Key Technologies and Applications

Innovation of Metal Cutting Machine Tool Assistant Production Line Upgrading

Modular Robot Leads the New Era of Industrial Automation

Design of Hybrid Automation Production Line

Intelligent Adaptive Machining and Intelligent Tool System for Complex Machining Workpieces

Laser Cutting Head in the Background of Intelligent Manufacturing

New Surface Treatment Technology of Die Casting Die

Application and Analysis of Automation Technology in Modern Automobile Manufacturing Industry

New High Speed Precision Grinding Technology for Automotive Gears

Characteristic of hot forming requirement for high strength steel plate

Discussion on Key Technologies and Advanced Forming Technology of Hot Stamping

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